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FITA 2024 – Financing Trade and Investment in Africa


FITA2024 provides an opportunity for institutions and economic operators to meet with the cream of the international finance industry, CEOs, financiers, and investment funds. The aim is to address the challenges of facilitating access to financing and discussing financial mechanisms to revive the African economy, tools for the development of intra-African trade, and investment drivers on the continent.

Objectives of FITA2024:

  1. A State-of-the-Art of Financing Trade and Investment in Africa.
  2. Presentation of financing offers and mechanisms on the African continent.
  3. The development of venture capital in Africa and the strengthening of equity capital for SMEs.
  4. A space for opportunities and meetings between pan-African economic development organizations, bankers, venture capitalists, investment funds, and experts.
  5. Presentation of emerging alternative financial solutions – development capital, crowdfunding, credit insurance, bond issues, etc.
  6. A B2B platform connecting economic operators with financiers.